Dawn Dawn Platinum Dish Soap, Fresh Rain, 54.8 Fl Oz 54.8 fl oz

Dawn Platinum gives you a squeaky clean that you can see and feel. Dawn Platinum's improved formula easily removes 99% of grease and food residue. Dawn helps save wildlife. For more than 40 years, Dawn has helped save wildlife both at the sink, with products designed to get dishes cleaner faster, using less water*, and at the shore, where we work with wildlife rescue experts to protect and care for aquatic wildlife (*vs. running the tap with Dawn Non-Concentrated). Dawn is the only brand of dish soap trusted by rescue workers to clean wildlife impacted by oil spills. Dawn dishwashing liquid can even be used to clean items beyond the kitchen sink. Use Dawn Platinum dish soap to pre-treat greasy laundry stains, remove grease and grime from kitchen counters and appliances, and to clean external car surfaces and the outer shroud of a gas grill. Dawn Ultra's powerful formula helps you get through more dishes with less* dishwashing liquid (*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated). Made with Biodegradable surfactants.