Dannon Yogurt, Low Fat, Strawberry, Creamy Classic 4 Ea

Find joy in the simple things with a 4-pack of Dannon Creamy Classic Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt. This deliciously uncomplicated, smooth and creamy treat combines the delicious taste of fruit with our irresistible yogurt. These Non-GMO Project Verified gluten free snacks contain only high-quality ingredients, including Grade A milk, active yogurt cultures and strawberry puree for a burst of flavor. Each 4-ounce serving of strawberry yogurt provides a good source of calcium and Vitamin D to help support strong bones. Plus, it’s easy to add to your breakfast or to enjoy as lunch snacks for a creamy dessert alternative. It’s also conveniently packaged in single serve yogurt cups, so you can snack on the go or take them to work as delicious office snacks. Crafting yogurts you can trust since 1942, Dannon is committed to providing high-quality, traditional yogurt products that are simply delicious and easy to enjoy. Dannon is part of Danone North America, which is a Certified B Corp. Be sure to check out all of the Dannon yogurt varieties to find delicious yogurt options for the whole family. Make the most of every spoonful with Dannon Creamy Classic Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt.