York Peppermint Flavored Dessert With Rich Dark Chocolate Topping 7 Oz

Peppermint flavored dessert with rich dark chocolate topping. With other natural flavor. 190 calories per dessert. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. how2recycle.info. Scan for info. Contact us at: 1-888-227-7478. COLLIDERS Layered YORK Refrigerated Dessert takes your favorite YORK Peppermint candy flavor and turns it into a cool, creamy spoonable dessert. Enjoy our peppermint flavored dessert with a layer of rich dark chocolate topping in seconds. Just open the peppermint dessert with rich dark chocolate topping, and enjoy. Made with real cream and sugar. Dig into a collision of flavors and textures all in one delicious dessert. Perfect as both a daytime sweet treat or after dinner dessert. Each of the two COLLIDERS Layered YORK desserts come in a convenient single-serve cup for easy enjoyment anywhere.