Kraft Singles Cheese Slices, Swiss Cheese, 16 ct - 12.0 oz Wrapper

Pasteurized prepared cheese product. Always made with milk. No artificial flavors. 60 calories per slice. See nutrition information for saturated fat and sodium content. Excellent source of calcium. Yes to the taste you love. visit us at: 180-063-41984, please have package available. Kraft Singles Swiss Cheese Slices add a contrasting flavor and texture to your favorite deli sandwiches. This sliced swiss cheese features a sharp, tangy flavor and smooth, creamy bite that pairs well with meats and vegetables in both hot and cold preparations. The convenient slices are easy to add to your dinner dishes, or you can snack on them straight from the fridge. Kraft cheeses are always made from pasteurized fresh milk for consistent quality and flavor. Melt this cheese over a chicken bake, add it to a thick mushroom swiss burger, or use it in your favorite casserole dish. Keep this 12 ounce package of 16 deli swiss cheese slices refrigerated until use.