Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 1 Ply, Mega 12 ea

Cleanliness meets quality with Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper. These Cottonelle toilet paper rolls feature strong CleaningRipples that clean better* and remove more in just one wipe**. It removes residue, reduces odor, and is safe for sensitive skin. Not only that, but Cottonelle Ultra Clean Bath Tissue is 3x thicker and stronger***. Cottonelle Toilet Paper is made with fibers that are 100% plant-based and is FSC-certified, supporting responsible forestry. Each Cottonelle 1-Ply Mega Roll has 284 sheets per roll and is free of added perfumes and dyes. For more ways to feel clean, use Cottonelle flushable wet wipes to feel shower fresh. Keep Cottonelle stocked and order online with delivery to your door or pickup in stores. (*per sheet vs. the leading US value brand) (**vs. the leading US value brand) (***per sheet vs. the leading US value brand)