Campbell's® Veggie Safari Shaped Pasta And Vegetable Soup 10.500 Oz

Bring smiles to the whole family with Campbell's® Condensed Shaped Pasta and Vegetable Soup, Veggie Safari. Featuring lion, parrot, elephant and hippo shaped pasta, this delicious soup adds fun to any meal. This veggie soup combines hearty vegetables and tasty pasta in a comforting vegetable broth that's sure to be a family favorite. Each serving of this vegetable pasta soup contains one serving of vegetables, and is a good source of vitamin A for a soup that's as nutritious as it is tasty. Campbell's® Condensed Veggie Safari Soup is a great pantry staple. Serve up a bowl of this vegetable soup at lunchtime, whether at home or at the office. Start the week off right with this veggie soup at the dinner table. Just mix it with water and microwave in a microwave-safe bowl for up to three minutes. Or, heat on the stove for a hearty addition to any meal. Each soup can is recyclable for easy disposal. Dig in and get slurping with Campbell's® Condensed Veggie Safari Shaped Pasta and Vegetable Soup. M'm! M'm! Good!®