Buddha Teas Herbal Tea, Chaga, Bags 18 Ea

Wild crafted herbal tea. The diamond of the forest. A true gem for overall wellness. The chaga mushroom makes its home in the birch forests of the northern hemisphere. Its appearance resembles a black, misshapen growth of bark, and is easily distinguished from the trees on which it grows. Chaga has been used in Russia and Siberia to make an herbal tea since the 16th century. Uniquely, unlike many herbs, this rare mushroom can only be gathered from the wild. Benefits: Clean ingredients. Unbleached tea bags. 100% kosher. No genetically modified organisms. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Tea for Trees: Our Tea for Trees campaign creates a sustainable model that restores renewable resources used in our products. That's why we've partnered with The National Forest Foundation's Trees for US program to help plant thousands of trees each year. By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying a natural tea that's healthy for you and our planet. Tree for us: A program of the National Forest Foundation. www.BuddhaTeas.com. 100% recycled and recyclable carton. Please recycle this box.