Sweet Walter Red Wine 750 ml

www.bullyhill.com. I'll be there to catch your soul Cragen! If you really loved me Claudia! Pride of New York. New York State Sweet Red Wine. A remarkable blend of native American grape varieties. This grapey red wine is rich and smooth. Great for after dinner sipping and conversation. Founded in 1967 as a small estate winery, Bully Hill Vineyards has grown to become quite an eclectic community. The estate features a tasting room, gift shop, wine museum, art gallery and restaurant which features unique and innovative cuisine. Fun and educational winery tours and tastings make the experience one to remember. Visit us online: www.bullyhill.com. Grapes used to produce Bully Hill Wines are grown by some of the following selected growers: Bill Eastman, Bill King, John Pizura, Randy Robinson, Randy Scotchmer, Roy and Gordon Taft and the Tones Family. Alc. 11% by vol. Cellared and bottled by Bully Hill Vineyards, Inc. Hammondsport, Steuben Co., New York USA 14840.