Bota Mini California Merlot 500 ml

Equal to three 5.6 oz glasses. Great wine doesn't need to cost the earth. Taste the adventure. Bota Merlot starts off with tones of sweet red berries, leading to a seductive body of dark plum and coffee. It's expressive and easy to drink, with vibrant tannins and a brisk finish. Join our adventures, and share yours! Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: (at)bota_box. Best Buys: Bota Box accolades 50 wine enthusiast over 50 gold medals. Tetra Pak - Tetra Prisma Aseptic The original environmentally-friendly box. This Bota Mini has a smaller carbon footprint than a 750 ml bottle: 75% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 50% less waste. Lower fuel emissions thanks to lighter shipping weight. Made primarily from paper, renewable resource. Alcohol 13.5% by vol. 27