LIQS Strawberry Margarita Ready to Drink Cocktail 1.5 l

Enjoy less prep and more party with LIQS Strawberry Margarita Ready to Drink Cocktail. Just pour over ice, add a lime, and it's party time. This premium wine-based cocktail is crafted with 100% agave nectar, real fruit juice and natural flavors for a fresh, fruity twist on the modern margarita. This gluten free alcohol drink is perfect for making margaritas for a crowd, whether you're hosting a neighborhood pool party or Taco Tuesday dinner with friends. Each 1.5 L bottle holds about 10 wine cocktails and has 13.9% alcohol by volume. We're all about maximizing time spent catching up with old friends and getting down with new ones, because life is short and happy hour is even shorter. That's why we do the mixing, so you can do the mingling with our premium premixed cocktails and cocktail shots made for breaking the ice, turning up the vibes, and keeping the party going. In addition to Strawberry Margarita, LIQS offers other ready-to-drink cocktails, including Margarita, Mojito, Hard Lemonade and more.