Full Sail Lager, Limited Edition 6 Ea

Bottling number 02. Malt-O-Meter: golden color, soft malt undertones, nicely balanced, crisp clean finish. A light-bodied nonetheless hella good limited edition lager, courtesy of the mad skills of the Full Sail crew. The sixer you're holding contains a seriously tasty import-style lager, pimped out with the mad brewing skills of the Full Sail Crew. Stoked to be livin' the dream in Hood River, Oregon, making beers that will twist your cap. LTD is dedicated to everyone who's livin' the dream, what ever that dream might be. Our dream was to start our own brewery, run it our own way, and do it in an unreal place where all summer the wind pumps and all winter the snow dumps. If you're living your own dream, then props to you. Let us know who you are and how you're livin' it. Peace. -the Full Sail Crew.