Harriott's Beer, Ginger, Islander 4 Ea

History of Islander: Ginger has been popular in Asia since ancient times. But it was not until the late 1500s during the Age of Discovery, that the numerous trading companies traversing the globe made spices readily available and its use in beverages could become common place. Ginger was introduced to the Caribbean in the 16th century and the region quickly became a leading exporter of ginger root. The Islands prolific yield of ginger added to citrus juice, local spices, cane sugar and yeast transformed ginger beer to a uniquely Caribbean beverage. Over the next 200 years, fermented ginger beer became one of the most popular drinks throughout the islands. Migrating north, it was produced by over 1500 ginger beer breweries in the US and Canada as well as more than 4000 in the UK at the peak of its demand. It evolved into a soft drink with its history as a fermented beverage largely forgotten in North America but with Harriott's Islander Ginger Beer, its owner has put the beer back in the beverage, reinstating its true meaning. Harriott's Islander Ginger Beer offers a Caribbean adult beverage with deep roots in the region. It is hoped that the once popular fermented formula may one day reclaim its mantle as one of the most widely consumed thirst quenching beverages. From our family to yours, hope you enjoy! Turks & Caicos born.