Blue Moon Blue Moon Honey Daze Wheat Ale 6.0 Ea

Crafted with real clover honey, Blue Moon Honey Daze Wheat Ale is ready for easy summer drinking. Light, refreshing and quite sessionable, grab this Blue Moon beer in cans for a summer beer, baseball beer, grilling beer, or any outdoor occasion for daytime drinkers. Once you crack open a can, you'll find this honey wheat beer has a golden straw color and slight haze. With honey as the predominant flavor, this light wheat beer is rounded out with a hint of orange peel for a great taste. Try pairing it with grilled summer fare, such as marinated chicken or pork with a honey mustard sauce. Each Blue Moon beer can has 114 calories and a 3.9% ABV. Imagined in Belgium and crafted in Denver, this American wheat beer is perfect for any summer day. More details for the Blue Moon Beer expert: APPEARANCE: Honey-golden color with high clarity and white creamy head. Might have a slight amount of haze from the high-protein wheat. AROMA: Rich, clover-honey aroma that blends well with light, biscuity malt notes. Very low hop aroma. TASTE: A craft beer with rich, slightly sweet clover-honey taste with a hint of citrus. Very light biscuity malt taste with a low chinook hop bitterness to provide balance. MOUTHFEEL: A light-bodied ale with a medium-level carbonation to balance the taste of wheat and honey. FINISH: A light, sweet, honey finish with subtle citrus notes to increase the refreshing character of this summer wheat beer.