Riunite Lambrusco, Italian 750 ml

Soft lively red wine. Master denologist. 19R50 Cantine Riunite est. 1950. Small-village wineries and individual farmers working together to craft world class wines while never forgetting their roots and core values. Light and refreshing with bright flavors of juicy berries and dark cherry. Soft with a lively finish. Grapes: A blend of four Lambrusco grape varietals grown in the Emilia-Romagna region. Pairings: Riunite Lambrusco plays nicely with most foods. Recommendations include: Casual fare: Pizza, pasta, BBQ, cured meals and cheeses. Spicy Cuisine: Mexican, Thai and Indian dishes. riunite.com. Facebook: facebook.com/Riunite. Twitter: twitter.com/Riunite. Instagram: instagram.com/Riunite. Alc. 8% by vol. Bottled by Cantine Riunite, Campegine, Italia. Product of Italy.