Bota Box Margarita Strawberry Wine Cocktail 1.5 l

Ready-to-drink. 1 box = 10. equal to 10 x 5 oz glasses. So Much to Love: Bota'Rita Margarita wine cocktail brings you award-winning Bota Box wine paired with real lime juice and agave nectar. The result? A refreshing, gluten free margarita wine cocktail on tap. Plus, because it's from Bota you know the box is always portable, sustainable, and 100% recyclable. One-Step Cocktails: Let's cut to the chase - there's no mixing between you and enjoying a Bota' Rita Margarita wine cocktail. All you need to do is pour. 30 days Lasts and Lasts: No light. No air. Just delicious Bota'Rita Margarita wine cocktails. This box keeps the elements out and the wine cocktail fresh for up to 30 days after opening. Just Add Friends & Ice: Bota' Rita Margarita wine cocktail adds a little zest to any party, anywhere. Just add ice, friends, and a salted rim for ten margarita wine cocktails in an instant. Real ingredients, refreshing taste, and ready to go wherever the good times take you. Authentic Taste: Agave; Wine; Lime. How do you Bota'Rita? Over rocks. Salted rim. Blended with ice. The original environmentally-friendly box. So Sustainable Our boxes are 100% recyclable. What can we say? We're down to earth like that. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled material.