SweetWater Beer, IPA

India Pale Ale. A hophead's beery dream - Beer Advocate. Don't float the mainstream! Bottle conditioned for your pleasure! Bottle conditioning is an advanced method for naturally carbonating beer and keeping it fresh without pasteurization. Here's how it works. 1. Small amounts of priming sugar and yeast are added to the beer prior to sealing the bottle. 2. Warm conditioning 68 degrees 3-4 days. Secondary fermentation begins as the beer is held at 68 degrees F for 3-4 days. 3. Cooling 38 degrees. After warm conditioning, the beer is put in the cool at 38 degrees F and then stored, shipped, and served cold for your pleasure! Oxygen: Oxygen left in the bottle's head space is scavenged by the yeast, increasing stability and maintaining a fresh beer. Yeast cells metabolize the priming sugar, creating extra carbonation in the form of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide gas cannot escape the sealed bottle. It is forced to dissolve into the beer, carbonating it. Yeast Cells: Tiny particles form a natural sediment in the bottle (good stuff!). Tours and tastings every Wed, Thu & Fri 5:30-7:30, Sat & Sun 2:30-4:30. sweetwaterbrew.com.