Bear Mountain BBQ Woods Sweet BBQ Premium Hardwood Pellets 20 lb

Est. 1990. Craft Blends. 100% natural. Great with poultry; seafood; pork; veggies. Experience Wood-Fired Flavor: Sweet BBQ: Our smooth fruitwood blend brings out the finger lickin' sweetness of your favorite BBQ meats, sauces and rubs. Bear Mountain BBQ Craft Blends make you a BBQ grill master right in your own backyard. Our Craft Blends are a selection of 100% all-natural, premium hardwoods curated to add the perfect smoke flavor to your favorite foods. Precisely blended hardwood varieties dried to 5% moisture create a consistent flavorful smoke that will take any meal to the next level of delicious. Dedicated craftsmanship. Premium quality. Amazing flavor. Sweet BBQ: poultry; pork; seafood; veggies.