Bear Mountain Bbq Woods Hardwood Pelllets, Premium, Gourmet Bbq 20 Lb

Est. 1990. Craft blends. 100% Natural premium hardwood pellets. Great with poultry, seafood, lamb, pork, beef, veggies. Our Gourmet BBQ blend is the pitmasters' favorite and perfect for every occasion. It's BBQ nirvana! Bear Mountain BBQ Craft Blends make you a BBQ grill master right in your own backyard. Our Craft Blends are a selection of 100% all-natural premium hardwoods curated to add the perfect smoke flavor to your favorite foods. Precisely blended hardwood varieties dried to 5% moisture create a consistent flavorful smoke that will take any meal to the next level of delicious. Dedicated craftmanship. Premium quality. Amazing flavor. Please recycle.