Tastykake Banana Pudding Creme Pie, Glazed 4.5 oz

"Tastykake® Glazed Artificially Flavored Banana Pudding Creme Pies are sweet, satisfying and made with real fruit and topped with a delicious sugar glaze. Bite into one of these fruity delights and instantly be reminded of your grandma's famous banana pudding recipe. These delicious handheld pies are easily packed in a bag or lunchbox for an on-the-go treat or simply enjoyed at home with friends and family. Tastykake has baked iconic treats for over 100 years, creating tasty cakes, muffins, donuts, pastries, pies and more. With so many delicious and unique treats to choose from and so many happy snack-lovers, why would you ever choose another brand? Whether it is a quick bite on-the-go or a reward after a long day, at Tastykake, we take snacking seriously, and our products are here to satisfy. Choose Tastykake and accept no substitutes®."