Ajax Dish Liquid, Bleach Alternative, Ultra 52 fl oz

An invigorating scent. A powerful clean. Enjoy a pleasant and powerful cleaning experience: Ajax Ultra Bleach Alternative Liquid Dish Soap in Grapefruit Scent easily dissolves stuck-on grease to get dishes clean. This dish liquid is made with 100% real citrus extract, so you can enjoy the invigorating, uplifting scent of grapefruit as you clean. This product is phosphate-free. Made with naturally inspired fragrances, 0% parabens and phosphates, and 100% biodegradable active ingredients, this dish soap is designed for everyday heroes like you. Plus, try this product to tackle tough jobs beyond dishwashing! Learn more at ajax.com. Life is tough, but you're tougher! We understand that life isn’t easy. You work hard—heck, REALLY hard. You tackle big and small tough jobs, without looking for applause. That’s why we at Ajax recognize you, the everyday heroes, who step up at the end of a long day and get the dishes done. Because, let’s face it, at the end of the day a clean home is a happy home. By standing tall in the face of messes, you are an everyday hero. Leave the grime to us so you can get back to what really matters!