Pull-Ups Training Pants, Disney Junior Mickey, 4T-5T (38-50 lbs) 17 ea

Make potty training fun, fast and easy with Pull-Ups Training Pants! Made with soft and breathable materials, these training pants are extra comfy for your child throughout the day. Pull-Ups training pants are flexible, with an underwear-like fit for easy training and outstanding protection. Not only do they provide all-around coverage, but they also feature stretchy sides that your child can easily move up and down to help them feel like a Big Kid. The refastenable sides make it easy for fast changes, allowing you to keep pants and shoes on your toddler. Plus, the adjustable sides let you customize your child's waistband and easily check for messes! Each pack includes two exclusive music designs featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse, with instrument graphics that fade when wet to help motivate your child to stay dry. Tell the story of how Mickey Mouse loves making music and your child can help keep the music going! Making music with Mickey Mouse comes to life with interactive digital tools and fun extras like an inside-the-box coloring mat. When your child is ready to begin his potty training journey, the Pull-Ups brand can help. Visit the Pull-Ups website for expert potty training tips and resources. We've helped train 60 million Big Kids and counting!* Pull-Ups Boys' Training Underwear are available in sizes 2T-3T (16-34 lbs), 3T-4T (32-40 lbs), 4T-5T (38-50 lbs) and 5T-6T (50+ lbs). (*US and CA)