Takis Tortilla Chips, Fuego, Extreme, Bite Size, Mini 25 Ea

Tired of bland and boring snacks, tasteless tortilla chips, flavorless pretzels, or the same old potato chips? Change the way you munch with Takis Multipacks and Variety Packs, and give your taste buds the treat of deliciously intense flavor. We know the urge for a flavor-packed snack can strike at any time, leaving you in a less-than-stellar mood and putting a damper on your otherwise fantastic day. Our flavored-packed multi-packs and cases come in a variety of assortments that are sure to be a favorite of both adults and kids! They unleash tantalizing waves of flavor and fire up your tastebuds with every bite. Loaded with enough intensity to please the taste buds of everyone around you, these assorted mixes are perfect for your next tailgate, birthday party, family picnic, or big seasonal celebration. Our variety packs with assorted flavors are perfect for restocking office snacks at large or small businesses or your home pantry. The labeled for-individual sale bags are great for reselling at convenience stores, dorms, hospitals, or school fundraisers.