Blistex Lip Moisturizer 0.15 oz

Hypo-allergenic, non-irritating formula. Hydrates with cocoa butter and shea butter. Contains just five ingredients. No flavor, no fragrance, no color. Purely essential daily lip care. Blistex Simple and Sensitive contains just five carefully chosen ingredients to moisturize even the most sensitive lips effectively and without irritation - for care your lips will love. Non-Irritating: With no flavors, fragrances, colors or unnecessary sensitizing ingredients, Simple and Sensitive's hypo-allergenic formula is rigorously tested and clinically proven to be gentle on lips. Cocoa Butter: A lush tropical extract with serious moisturizing properties. Shea Butter: A nut extract that moisturizes and tones lips while giving them powerful natural anti-oxidant protection. Satisfaction guaranteed. Card is 100% recyclable.