Lady Speed Stick Deodorant, Rose Petals 2.1 oz

Feel fresh, confident and unstoppable with Lady Speed Stick Zero Deodorant for Women. Our newest Zero formula is free from aluminum, alcohol* and parabens so you can smell and feel great all day. With the fresh scent of Rose Petals, this deodorant will keep you feeling clean and fresh all day. This odor-fighting formula provides 48-hour freshness for maximum confidence. With % aluminum, % alcohol*, and % parabens, our new formula of Zero deodorant will keep you smelling great as you power through the day. With a formula that has 48-hour odor protection, try Zero women’s deodorant to feel fresh, confident and unstoppable all day long. The Lady Speed Stick line of women’s deodorants and men’s antiperspirants includes Zero, Invisible Dry, Power and Stainguard variants. Lady Speed Stick deodorants and antiperspirants provide 24-hour odor protection using specialized fragrance technology for odor protection efficacy. Try them today to find the right antiperspirant for you. Lady Speed Stick deodorants and antiperspirants should only be applied directly underneath the arms. Remove the cap from the product. Turn the dial on the bottom clockwise to raise the deodorant or antiperspirant stick so that it is protruding from the container. Simply rub the deodorant or antiperspirant directly on the armpit and replace the cap. *does not contain ethanol