Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Womens Flats Insoles Size 6-10 1 pr

Invisible cushioning insoles for flats & sandals. All-day, hidden cushioning. New! Cushion flex technology. Superior arch support. Flats: Insoles for open flats & sandals. Superior all-day comfort so you can wear your shoes longer. Immediately eliminate foot discomfort. Sleek Slim Design: Won't crowd toes or make shoes feel tight. Cushion Flex Technology: Works dynamically with your foot, flexing with each step to provide arch support. Heel: Designed with soft gel for comfort and cupping to provide support and keep heel in place. Ball of Foot: Wider design cushions entire area for extra comfort and cushioning. 3/4 length: no need to trim to fit in shoes. Removable without damage to shoes. Designed to fit comfortably in: Boots; low-heeled flats; kitten heels; sandals. Feel the comfort. See instructions inside.