Lily's Baking Chips, Dark Chocolate 9 oz

Lily's dark chocolate style baking chips will provide every recipe with rich and decadent morsels. Use them to elevate and deepen every one of your confections. These baking chips are part of LILY'S dedication to thoughtful sweets. Treat yourself and others with baked goods that you made with some of the finest ingredients. These 55 percent cacao dark chocolate style chips are deeply flavored, and are free of added sugar. Additionally, each bar is made with stevia. These are gluten-free and kosher baking chips that anyone can enjoy. Use these chips in your next creative baking adventure. Mix up a ganache, give a treat a chocolate-style coating or add to your favorite cookie. These chips can provide a dark and robust flavor profile that suits any dessert or treat. Next time you are preparing for a bake sale, birthday or housewarming party, reach for a bag of LILY'S dark chocolate style baking chips.